Simple, efficient container return

Autonomous return for customer

Low environmental impact

Integration into your collector

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Discover our local made collectors, designed to facilitate the return of glass and plastic containers.

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Easy collection thanks to a simple solution tailored to your brand

Nothing changes for you, everything changes thanks to you !

Your customers drop off their containers in two easy steps. Our collectors don't require any maintenance, nor do they cost thousands of euros a year to rent !

No technology: reduced environmental impact

Why deploy a wealth of technology when you can do simple things? Opt for a collector with an Autoscan module to enable your customers to unpair autonomously, without the help of a team member.

We've also thought about the end-of-life of our collectors !

Made from sustainable materials (metal or wood) and manufactured in French factories, our two collectors are designed to be robust, adapted to your needs and 100% recyclable.

Easily integrate the AutoScan into your existing collector

Easy to install on your own collection point, the AutoScan allows for simple unpairing : simply pass the QR Code in front of the reader and our system is notified of the correct return of the containers.

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