Simple reuse for your guests and operators

Lend, track and secure your reusable containers simply and efficiently, thanks to our reuse platform tailored to the corporate food service.



The reuse experience with the best return rate on the market (91.5%)


Don't go it alone, Pyxo will support you from A to Z.


We integrate with your IT systems, so your processes remain unchanged.


Offer your customers a reuse experience in the foodservice sector.

Choose a reuse system that really works

With Pyxo, there's no deposit to pay upstream.

CAPEX or OPEX, the choice is yours.

Checkout, badge... nothing changes for your customers.

Track your indicators and inventory in real time.

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Pyxo's take on reuse

Deposit Free system

With the post-paid system, your customers only pay if they don't return the containers. This can be particularly advantageous for customers on a tight budget or who don't want to pay upfront.

Ultra-simple return

Your customers drop off their containers in two easy steps. Our collectors require no maintenance, and no rental costs of several thousand euros a year !

Optimized stock management

Maintain constant visibility into your inventory status and reuse performance within your establishment, using key indicators such as return rate, active customer count, and replenishment needs.

Discover our solutions

Reuse platform

Integrate reuse into your customer and employee journey thanks to our modular platform.

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Reuse hub

Easily manage your performance and your reuse stocks from 1 to +1000 points of sale.

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